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Environments by Design

Welcome to CEDIA’s (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) 2012 Best Showroom in the nation!  Once you step inside, we’re sure you’ll agree.  See, hear and experience a variety of technologies through interactive vignettes and auditioning rooms.

We’ll start by learning about your family, your interests, your entertainment wants and technology needs.  We’ll educate you on your choices and, together, we’ll assemble the perfect system built within a realistic budget.  Our Showroom is open Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm and by appointment.

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Does your new system wish list involve home renovation?  We invite you to wander into our 5,000 square foot “residence,” Environments by Design, built within our showroom.   This unique design center is a collaboration of design, product, service and construction professionals who have formed a partnership to simplify renovation projects.




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