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Digital Signage

Cut through the clutter. Effectively and efficiently communicate your message through a dynamic display of image and sound.  


Instantly change your message – update promotions, provide emergency alerts, communicate updated information. The applications are endless…

Airports – Up-to-the-Minute flight information & security status. Touchscreen kiosks for quick check-ins. Generate Revenus from local restaurants, car rentals and tourism.

Auto Dealerships – Entice your customers with a video wall of vivid, dynamic imagery. Allow them to design the car of their dreams with an intuitive touchscreen displaying color and option choices.

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Basic Elements of Digital Signage
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Corporate – Digital Signage projects a powerful, media-rich, lasting impression. It portrays your branding message and provides a dynamic backdrop in your lobby or Board Room with its flexible, entertaining and up-to-the-minute content.

Education – Provide emergency bulletins, notifications & interactive maps to students, faculty & visitors. Create revenue generating ads and drastically reduce paper usage.

Healthcare – Enhance the total healthcare experience. Connect with the patients, enhance the waiting room with educational, relevant content, optimize advertising, communicate to staff.

Hospitality – Special Event & wayfinding screens, promotions, advertisements, flight & weather updates, Pool & Restaurant information, interactive kiosks for self check-in or profile gathering.

House of Worship – Connect with the audience through integrated video, slides and touchscreens. Easily communicate church activities, member announcements and ceremonies. Keep them engaged without distraction. Updates can easily be made using remote log-in software.

Information Display – Interactive wayfinding maps and feedback kiosks, current price boards, information alerts and promotions

Restaurants – Menu boards that feature live video and daily specials, entertainment features for diners, energy savings through timed controls

Retail – Dynamic, exciting displays featuring product promotions, advertising, entertainment and wayfinding, as well as a tool for employee training and brand reinforcement

Outdoor Visibility – Eye-catching, hi-tech visual communication that makes an impact. Custom solutions for any application imaginable. Single displays, Multi-tile Displays, “ticker-style” Systems




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