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Lighting Control

Lighting Sets the Mood

It’s welcoming and inviting. It can be subdued or vibrant, creating a party atmosphere or the perfect working environment.

Scenes can be created within a room that accent works of art, stairways and work spaces as separately controlled “zones”. These zones can be programmed as a one-button touch “pre-set” allowing you to easily transition from “Entertain” where the lights are low and patio is lit to “Clean-up” that illuminates your counter tops.

In the Boardroom those presets might translate to “Video Conferencing” where light is needed to effectively broadcast video or “presentation” that dims the lights and lowers the projection screen.

What are the advantages of lighting control?

•Save energy by automatically turning off lights in an unoccupied space and “harvesting” natural light

•Enhance comfort & convenience by creating a variety of lighting levels and having the ability to remotely control every room

•Increase productivity with properly lighted spaces

•Improve safety and security by providing programmed or remotely controlled pathways and outdoor areas and by tying the lights into the security system to light the way to the door during an alarm event


Standalone systems or integrated into your overall system design.

Systems can be wired or wireless and controlled from keypads, touchpanels, tablets, smartphones or even a remote clipped to your car’s visor. Lighting control can be an integral part of your total system, adding layers of safety, comfort, convenience and energy-savings. 

Audio Video Interiors and Safety Technologies represents several respected lines in lighting control for both commercial and residential applications, allowing us to design the best possible solution for your needs and your budget.


Optimizing daylight and electric light saves energy and creates a productive, comfortable environment. Dimming increases lamp life and reduces maintenance costs, which can significantly affect your bottom line. Light controls can reduce the cost to reconfigure space, whether for different events, new tenants, or new layouts. Light control systems, such as Quantum, can also report on energy usage and savings to manage costs down. Lutron has a variety of solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of your work environment.

Commercial spaces can really reduce overhead costs by controlling the lighting. For example, when The New York Times Company wanted to create an “energizing work environment” and reduce its energy consumption, it chose Lutron light control strategies. With light level tuning, daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing, the company saved nearly 70% of its lighting energy each year.


Control4 Lighting Solutions

Use light to create contrast, focus and depth. While trends in design and décor are ever-evolving, lighting will always play a critical part in creating an inspiring and beautiful room—not to mention, a safe and comfortable environment. Whether you’re in a home or in a business, ambiance makes all the difference in the world. It sets the mood, maximizes comfort and increases productivity.

With Control4® smart lighting solutions, you’ll have the freedom, flexibility and convenience to change a mood or create a different ambiance in one touch—or even automatically. Impress your guests with a single button that dims the lights, ignites the fireplace and turns on the music. Increase the safety of your business and ensure the security of your family by leveraging timers and motion sensors that turn lights on and off automatically, all year long, even adjusting to the season.

dividerSavant Lighting Solutions powered by Apple

Command Savant Lighting Control from a wide-variety of award-winning user interfaces including Savant’s stylish Keypads and Apple iOS control apps. Create beautiful and complimentary lighting scenes, automate landscape and security lighting to respond to variable sunset times throughout the year; set up master control in key locations throughout a project, automatically adjust lights for video conferencing or multi-media presentations, and more.

Savant’s backwards compatible hardware and software design allows for support and system upgrade of all LiteTouch systems that are already installed in the field, and Savant will continue to support 3rd party lighting control systems through the company’s Partners in Excellence Program. Additionally, when implemented as a versatile standalone lighting solution, Savant Lighting utilizes the same interoperability that LiteTouch has offered to 3rd party control vendors.

dividerCrestron Lighting Solutions

Crestron provides lighting control and energy management that is Integrated by Design™. From hardware to software, and leveraging engineering and design expertise, Crestron has everything needed to integrate commercial lighting control with HVAC, Building Management Systems (BMS), shading, AV, digital signage, and security, to deliver a highly energy efficient building.

From individual room solutions, to comprehensive centralized lighting control installations, Crestron has the products, systems, training, design assist and service to help support you through every step of your project.

No matter your industry, from Hospitality to Education to Corporate Office, Crestron Commercial Lighting Control and Energy Management Solutions have the right tools, products and systems.




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