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Energy Management


Imagine the flawless performance of an energy-conscious integrated system that preserves the environment and lowers energy consumption and costs. Audio Video Interiors and Safety Technologies can show you how Going Green can grow long-term value in each of your environments – at home, work, worship and play.

It all adds up. Seemingly insignificant adjustments can make a vital impact, both in our natural resources and in our bottom line. By dimming lights just 10-20%, a degree not discernible to the human eye, you can significantly reduce the electricity costs in your home or office while reducing CO2 emissions, which contributes to bulb life and ultimately, a reduction in waste. A comprehensive, integrated Lighting Control System increases the savings exponentially.

Taking it a step further….light-level sensors enable daylight harvesting for automated lighting and drape control. Shades and drapes can best utilize or restrict sunlight, adjusting not only the light levels, but also the temperature.

That brings us to Climate Control…HVAC/Climate control means monitoring motion sensors & thermostats and making adjustments according to time, occupancy and humidity.

Another facet of the Going Green Initiative is Video Conferencing & Distance Learning. These provide face-to-face meetings and content sharing in the Boardroom and in the classroom, whether you’re across town or across the globe, conserving fuel, time and personnel expenditures.

And, with today’s technologies, all of these systems can be accessed remotely, offering control of lighting, thermostats or Boardroom Systems via the internet.

Integrated systems operate efficiently, replacing multiple products and ultimately consuming less power. AVI/STI supports the Going Green initiative. Small changes can make a big difference.




Light Harvesting creates a balance of heat of light.











Lutron’s Shade Control works in harmony with a Lighting Control System to reduce heating and cooling costs.  Light Harvesting creates a balance of heat of light. Controls are set to utilize the light and warmth as needed, while properly designed and selected fabrics block harmful rays and glare.



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Crestron – Complete Energy Management

Green and sustainability efforts are much more complex than just harvesting daylight and dimming lighting levels. Managing and controlling ambient lighting is only one small piece of the puzzle. Meaningful reductions in energy usage and utility costs can only be achieved by integrating all building systems on a single, intelligent building management platform.

Crestron products are Integrated by Design™ to deliver complete building technology solutions. Crestron provides the only intelligent platform that unifies all energy-consuming systems including HVAC, lighting, shades, AV, voice & data, security, room scheduling and more. Only Crestron enables facility managers to monitor, manage and control all the technology throughout the entire facility, both centrally and globally, from one dashboard.


Crestron Green Light Product Overview

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