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Personal Duress

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. It has long been used in manufacturing, industrial sites and law enforcement, but it is now growing in popularity in general commercial uses. Safety Technologies, Inc. (STI) can help you leverage this technology to improve the safety and security of your property and personnel using the Elpas suite of RFID tracking solutions.

Correctional Office Emergency Call Alerting

Because the safety of correctional personnel is paramount, the ability to respond quickly to the correct location when an officer is in trouble is crucial to the safety of that staff member.

Elpas Emergency Call, using indoor/outdoor Real- Time Location System (RTLS) technology, safeguards correctional personnel most at risk from inmate violence and aggression. Elpas Emergency Call provides manual and/or automated alerts that deliver precise real-time location data which identifies the individual in trouble and the location of the evolving security incident in order to dispatch emergency response teams. And since every correctional facility is different, Elpas Emergency Call is easily adapted to your prison environment and may be expanded to cover additional indoor and exterior buildings areas or scaled to protect additional correctional officers as security needs evolve.

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Elpas Correctional Facility Emergency Call Solution
Elpas Staff Duress
Elpas Healthcare Solutions

Elpas Emergency Call

Security personnel that may be subject to attack or injury are provided with a correctional-grade, holster worn Man-Down Emergency Call Transmitter. In the event of an emergency, the officer at risk can use the transmitter’s two emergency call buttons located on either side of the unit for manual wireless duress alerting. An onboard tilt switch and a pull cord enable automatic alarming when the protected staff member is knocked down or if the unit is grabbed by force.

The Man-Down Emergency Call Transmitter brings innovation to high-risk correctional personnel protection by combining man-down duress signaling with precise real-time building location awareness which can be integrated with the Eiris Tracking & Management Platform or other traditional security systems to enable faster and more effective response efforts.

Elpas Staff Duress

The Elpas Staff Duress Call Solution is an Active RFID/RTLS Safety, Security and Visibility Solution that enables faster response times during emergencies by instantly identifying the precise location of the specific employee under duress.

Elpas Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) provides a cost-effective way to protect high-value assets, location of personnel and patient/visitor safety. Elpas RTLS is also valuable in manufacturing facilities, museums, jails and correctional facilities, or any indoor building environment that requires real time asset or personnel tracking.

By layering real-time location based security data onto traditional security access control and video monitoring systems Elpas can:

  • Instantaneously inform first responders as to the identity of the individual and the precise sub-room location of the unfolding emergency.
  • Provide the real-time whereabouts of the tagged individuals graphically overlaid onto the relevant floor plans.
  • Monitor the whereabouts of expensive equipment and trigger an event if the equipment passes an access point
  • Deny access and provide live and recorded video of an unauthorized attempt to access a protected or restricted area

Elpas powerful RTLS triple-technology consists of radio frequency transmissions, infrared connectivity and low frequency magnetic fields making it the optimal means of enabling location awareness.

SpiderAlert Wireless Emergency Call Safety System

SpiderAlert is an enterprise-grade, wireless emergency call protection system that gives staff members and patients the comfort of knowing that if a life-threatening situation were to arise, they can call for immediate help at the touch of a button from anywhere within the facility.

Standard Features:

  • Unlimited transmitter population
  • Indoor/Outdoor operation
  • Immediate location & ID data
  • Robust alert options
  • Easy to use software
  • Graphical floor plan views
  • Incident logging & reporting
  • Total system supervision
  • Supports backend integration
  • CE, FCC and IC compliant


LifeBeacon Medical Alert

The LifeBeacon is a twenty-first century medical alert that offers the best of both worlds – freedom for seniors to connect with their life interests outside of the home, and peace of mind knowing help is always within reach in an emergency. With the LifeBeacon, for the first time ever, help is truly available anywhere, anytime, at the push of a single button.

  • 24/7 monitoring service with rapid response and real-time notification of up to five loved ones in an emergency
  • Locates lost or wandering seniors
  • Works everywhere, including miles from home with unmatched GPS tracking
  • 3 times faster response than traditional systems
  • No phone line needed and no installation
  • Independent, active lifestyle
  • Hear what many individuals have to say

Uses include: Assisted Living Facilities, Correctional Facilities, Psychiatric Hospitals, Maternity Wards and Artwork Protection.

Elpas Assisted Living Monitoring Solutions  

After dinner, Sister Ketty gets a message on her phone that Mr. Bolag requires assistance in the Cafeteria. The call is automatically closed when she arrives at Mr. Bolag’s location.

Mr. Wilson, a resident with Alzheimer’s, has wandered into a room that is not his, a page is sent to a caregiver providing detailed information of the location and identity of the wanderer.

Later that night at 11 p.m., Mr. Bolag leaves his bed. A courtesy light is turned on and an icon flashes on an electronic map at the staff base indicating that the resident in that room has woken. Ten minutes later, when Mr. Bolag fails to return to his bed, a page is sent to the attendant on call. The attendant calls Mr. Bolag’s room and all is well.

While wheeling a resident to the PT room, the door automatically unlocks and opens when the staff member approaches to within 2 meters of the door.

All these activities including; time staff members spend with residents and the time that residents stay at specific areas, are recorded for reporting.

ALCAMS is a comprehensive Building Automation system for Assisted Living facilities It integrates the following features using VT’s central Alarm, Tracking and Control system called EIRIS:

  • Wireless Resident Call
  • Wireless Resident Room Monitors
  • Wanderer Tracking and Alarming
  • Staff Emergency Call (Code Blue)
  • Service Audit and JCAHO Reporting
  • Access Control
  • Time and Attendance






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