AV Technology Critical in the Healthcare Field

Audio Video solutions, including Lighting & Shade Control, Video Conferencing, Sound Masking, Digital Signage, Security & Life-Safety, play a key role in today’s healthcare industry. These solutions can keep patients comfortable, educated and safe, keep staff informed and keep doctors connected. It is a highly specialized industry with demanding standards. Audio Video Interiors and Safety Technologies staff of sales consultants, system designers and engineers are trained to provide these specialized product solutions and systems.

In medical environments, the right technology can be crucial to saving lives. NEC Display Solutions Flat panel display systems are designed to meet the highest visual requirements and rigid standards necessary for radiological and clinical viewing. Color and grayscale, medically certified, diagnostic displays with functions and features specifically designed for healthcare environments.

Project Highlight: Expressive Arts Therapy Center at Akron Children’s Hospital

This children’s hospital project began as an Elf foundation Room of Magic and blossomed into a center for healing through the arts for critically ill children. Expressive Therapy through visual arts, music, dance, poetry and drama allow children to accept their illnesses, come to terms with their appearance, gain power over their illness and adjust to the hospital environment.

A rooftop location was enclosed to provide a dynamic space that housed these elements that would accommodate children in all types of physical conditions, from those confined to beds and wheelchairs to children with immune disorders. Children have access to a recording studio, stage, karaoke, projection system and an easy-to-operate PTZ camera to record their performances. They can then edit their performances using Apple PCs. They can also record personal messages in a sound booth or simply watch movies in a multi-use theater setting. A main objective was to automate the room’s systems with user friendly wireless touch-panel that staff and patients could operate with little to no instruction.

The room’s integrated system doubles as a presentation facility for fund raising events and other hospital functions. This project became a reality through the generous support of manufacturers contributions and our donation of time for design, installation and programming.

The Ashly processor is the centerpiece of the audio system, providing a full suite of DSP, auto-mixing, and interfaces easily with the Crestron Control System.
The 15-inch 2-way Renkus-Heinz speakers are effective for music, speech as well as movie playback. All microphones are UHF wireless units from Shure that are used for presentations, Karaoke, music recording and in the recording booth. Audio is recorded digitally onto a Tascam SD Recorder that can be pulled onto the Apple PCs for editing. An Extron switcher not only provides video switching to the projector, but it also sends video signal to the hospital’s cable TV system for patients who are room-bound.

Projection in this high ambient light room is provided by a 5500 lumens NEC widescreen projector with short throw lens onto a Da-lite 113” Cinema Contour Screen. The heart of the system is the Crestron Control which features a Pro2 Processor that is large enough to be scalable as products are added in the future. The touchscreen interface is a TPS-6X mounted in a wall doc. The control system is password protected, with users being required a password in order to remove touchpanel and access controls. The main pages on the touchpanel are custom graphics with only the automated functions for day to day use (i.e. Karaoke mode, movie mode, etc.). Advanced users can access additional functions for more customized applications. The equipment is housed in a custom Middle Atlantic Rack and protected by a SurgeX 20 Amp Surge Suppression and Power Conditioner.

Polycom in Healthcare

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