Houses of Worship

Sight and Sound

Sanctuaries and Synagogues create inherent acoustical distortions through their architectural design, size and furnishings. Our systems enhance, not detract from, the ambiance of the service.

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On the Rise

The use of AV Technologies is on the rise and many Houses of Worship are embracing enhanced multimedia presentations as a way of enriching the Worship experience. Several are attracting National Artists to perform at their services. These artists often need to decline such invitations when the available sound system does not meet their needs. We offer experience in ensuring that your design will exceed their expectations…and yours.

Created to Worship

We offer diverse solutions:

  • Large and Small Sanctuaries, Youth and Multi-Purpose Rooms, Classrooms
  • Custom Audio solutions
  • Projection Systems and Motorized Screens
  • Mixers, DVR’s, Audio Recording, Video Editing
  • Custom Acoustical treatment, Noise Control
  • Lavalier and Choir Mics
  • Control Room Technologies
  • Sound and Speech Reinforcement
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Lighting Control featuring pre-set scenes
  • Intuitive Touchscreens and Remotes
  • Large Format Displays and Split Screen Multimedia
  • Sanctuary acoustics and architectural sound influence
  • Sound reinforcement and amplification
  • Assisted Listening Systems
  • Church announcements, worship and sermon support
  • Touchscreen Overlays

Call to Serve

Houses of Worship perform an incredible array of functions and services. From the joyful songs of a Praise Group, to the glorious sounds of the Choir, from uplifting services to the more somber occasions, candlelit evening events to sunny Sunday Services…each offers its own challenges to the professional and volunteer Sound Engineering Team. We understand the difficulty in re-setting the sound, video and lighting specifically to each of these scenarios and offer custom “pre-sets” for each.

A Member of the Team

Whether your project is new construction or a retrofit, consult with us as early as possible in the planning phase.  Proper planning and budgeting is crucial in the success of your AV design. Consider us a member of the team. Our proposals are clear and concise and offer a scope of the system’s functionality. And, once installed, we offer training of the systems functions and work with your staff to create your personalized settings.

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