Many of us are familiar with the Wi-Fi audio offerings by Sonos, but did you know that Denon has added the HEOS range of Wi-Fi speakers to its arsenal, taking a shot at Sonos’s crown?  HEOS is Denon’s line of home Wi-Fi audio takes its cues from the established Sonos approach of Wi-Fi capable speaker systems, controlled via Andriod or iOS apps.  Not only are the core product offerings similar, but the pricing is, too.


Some of the difference lies in the number of input ports available: where Sonos port options vary between Play:1 and the high-end Play:5, HEOS provides a standard set including an Ethernet port, USB port, and one AUX mini-jack in every level.

  • Both offer easy-to-add Wi-Fi speakers that you can control via free downloadable apps.
  • Both are excellent choices for the discerning audiophile, or anyone looking to upgrade their home audio system this season.
  • Both offer aesthetically pleasing designs that will fit in with any home decor.

Where playability, ease-of-use, and sound quality, the two competitors are extremely comparable.

Here’s where the new HEOS breaks away: where Sonos can only connect to Control4, the HEOS can integrate with your Control4, Crestron, UFC, or Savant home control system.  That makes a huge difference if you’re planning to upgrade your existing system!


Since HEOS is the new kid on the block, let’s take a closer look at what they’re offering:



  • The ultimate in wireless speaker performance.
  • Two custom tweeters & mid-woofers.
  • Large subwoofer & two passive radiators powered by 5 dedicated Class D amplifiers.
  • Rich genuine materials, including a brushed metallic apex.



  • Absolutely amazing sound from a discreet and stylish powerhouse.
  • Handle allows easy portability wherever you need great sound.
  • Two custom-designed tweeters.
  • Two mid-woofers and a passive radiator powered by 4 dedicated Class D amplifiers.


  • Portable and the perfect place to start.
  • Versatile horizontal or vertical placement.
  • Use 2 for a perfectly synchronized stereo pair.
  • Dual custom full range drivers powered by 2 dedicated Class D amplifiers.

Can’t decide?  Come to our showroom for a demo!  We have all 3 of the new HEOS speakers in stock at all three store locations!



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