LG’s OLED TV is now in our showroom!

Have you seen 2014’s BEST TV?               . . . Do you want to?

Earlier this year, the LG OLED TV tied for the win in the 10th annual Value Electronics Shootout! (read the article here) Now, that’s no surprise to us. We’ve been watching the trends, and OLED is definitely this year’s hot new innovation. We even posted an article about it ourselves.

If you’re still debating whether OLED technology right for you, consider the advantages it has over flat LCD TVs:

  • OLED uses 4 colors instead of 3, which makes bright colors brighter and adds unparalleled depth of black.
  • It is lightweight and flexible, with wider viewing angles.
  • Organic LEDs have better power efficiency and refresh rates.


It’s not showing off if you’re willing to share . . . and you’ve already been invited to join us for our Customer Appreciation Event, where we’ll be showcasing (you guessed it) a new curved LG OLED TV!  If you’re considering integrating this cutting edge technology into your own home system, consider dropping by our showroom to experience it for yourself.  You’ll be amazed at the difference OLED technology makes in your viewing experience.

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