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Home Control

Choose what you want to control and how you want to control it.

Your personalized system will allow you to access and control your home’s security, lighting, climate and entertainment systems from virtually anywhere and from a any number of different devices.

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Which system is right for you?

 We’ll explore the features you’re looking for and demonstrate your options. Your system may include:

You can choose from a variety of interfaces; traditional keypad “buttons” to sleek touchscreens or you can remotely access your home using smartphone or tablet. And you can choose how you want it to work. Personalize your control system by customizing your buttons. Working with our installation professionals and programmers, you can assign several functions to occur simultaneously at a single button press; for instance, a “Movie” command may lower the lights and shades while turning on the TV and movie server.

Tour the Savant iPad Powered Home of the Future in their Experience Center 

For a uniquely personalized and user-friendly experience, check out Savant’s True Image. With True Image, each room is expertly photographed and control is assigned to features in the photo. With this Apple-based control system, you’ll use your iPad or iPhone and simply touch the item you want to control on the photo. Touch the lamp to adjust the lighting, touch the window to control the shades, touch the flatpanel and voila!

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