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Leading by Design

At Audio Video Interiors, we believe in providing engineered solutions. Products can be purchased anywhere, but our customers rely on us to not only provide quality products, but to design and implement systems that exceed their expectations. Poorly-designed custom audio/video and security installations, unfortunately, have become the norm, leading to under-performing solutions and dissatisfied clients.

If the design is the most important part of any technology solution, why do so few companies actually create one?  They don’t want to deal with the expense of designing a systems in the proposal phase and don’t have the expertise to handle this task even if they wanted to. 

And what’s the result of working with an inexperienced vendor with few expert resources? Projects aren’t executed well and installers are forced to just “make it work” with little documentation.  As a result, excessive changes orders are needed, which drive up costs and create dissatisfied customers.  Companies that operate this way don’t survive, especially in a tumultuous economy.  

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Our Solution

We understand the importance of a well thought out design, hence our motto – “Leading By Design”!  Audio Video Interiors offers four levels of Home Control solutions; Universal Remote Control (URC); Control4; Savant; and Crestron.

For our value-minded clients, we pre-engineer systems for URC and Control4 solutions.  These are our most cost-effective product lines, used for simple one-room media systems to multi-room audio/video solutions.  Even our entry-level systems are re-engineered prior to being sold, guaranteeing solid performance and value.

For our performance-minded customers, we custom-design audio/video and security solutions.  In this scenario, the client pays for the design of their solution much like any other professional service provider (e.g. architect, interior designer).  An individualized needs assessment is conducted and a system is designed to suit the client’s unique needs.

Proof that Design Matters

Our team has won numerous national design awards, more than any other company in Ohio.  Best Home Theaters, Lighting Control, Integrated Home Automation, Media Rooms, Fun Rooms, Rec Rooms, Outdoor Systems, whatever your need, Audio Video Interiors has demonstrated successful projects.  Not only do our clients and judges agree, but our peers have selected our company for over 10 Best Practice Awards ranging from Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, and Community Service.

Let our expert engineers develop a solution that’s right for you and your family. 

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