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Hidden Technologies

Just because you’ve got it, doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it.

At AudioVideo Interiors, we understand that design and decor work hand in hand. Therefore, we offer an array of choices that reflect your love of quality technology, without compromising your taste in home decor.  


These hidden technologies can be incorporated into any home, taking your home design to the next level of sophistication.  New technology allows you to hide flatscreen televisions behind decorative mirrors, or cheerful art.  Speakers need not be visible to deliver crisp, uncompromising sound.  We can bring your entertainment home without overwhelming your home.  Here are some of the many design solutions we offer . . . 

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Sonance Invisible Series

Seura Premier Series

Vutec ArtScreen

The new benchmark for invisible speakers. The IS4 features state of the art planar diaphragm technology. The rigid metal frame and optional enclosure make this speaker the best sounding fully concealed speaker in the world.

Séura’s vanishing mirror displays provide a crisp television image and, when turned off, a fashionable mirror remains without a hint of its technological applications.  You decide when a television is in the room.

Artscreen transforms a flat panel display into a work of art. Inside a beautiful frame, the artwork ascends or descends with the touch of a remote.  Both recessed and surface mount versions are available to compliment any decor.

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