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Ultimate Home Cinema

ul•ti•mate (adjective) \ˈəl-tə-mət\ : the best or most extreme of its kind. This is Merriam-Webster’s definition. What’s yours?

What makes a home cinema the “best” or “extreme”? For some, it’s the screen’s size or the room’s seating capacity. Others may enjoy calling up their favorite movies by artist or genre with an incredible movie server while some insist on an immersive 3D or 4K experience.  Sports lovers appreciate multiple screens so they can monitor all their favorite teams while, for the audiophile, it’s all about the sound. It may be a complete build-out with a decorative theme and twinkling sky or perhaps it is an “Amazing Application” like our Telestration Theater that allows the homeowner to stop-action and review plays “Madden-style” on his 17” touchscreen. Or maybe you like to think “big”. Envision having your own private IMAX Theater!

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