Schmitt Residence

Our clients live in a golf course community and were looking to renovate their unfinished basement. They wanted a unique entertainment experience! We were originally recommended by their architect for the theater design. The unique aspect of this project is that we were intimately involved in the entire renovation process. Our firm founded a group of specialty trades and design professionals who collaborate to provide turn-key design/build services. Collectively, we built a unique design center in our new showroom, branded as “Environments By Design”. After touring our design center, the client agreed to let our group bid on, and ultimately win, the entire project.


Mission Objective: Theater Room, Security System Upgrade, Short Deadline!

Aside from the fact that the clients wanted the entire project completed by Thanksgiving, just a few months away, the theater room presented several structural challenges as well. The original basement had a floor-to-ceiling height of 8’-0” with several columns running down the center of the basement that interfered with the seating area of the theater. Our design/build team installed a second beam adjacent to the original to help distribute the load, enabling the removal of the offending columns. The ceiling, compounded by the soffit covering the beams and housing the projector, was too low to walk underneath comfortably. Our solution placed the custom theater chairs in front of the soffit, away from the back wall. The clients stash bean bag chairs there for visiting kids to use.




Partygoers can join in on the fun and watch the action unfold while the sports enthusiasts can view the ball game on TV!

After experiencing our showroom, the homeowner upgraded his putting green to a Visual Sports Simulator, allowing guests and family to enjoy golf, hockeybaseball, football, soccer, and basketball. The ceiling height was two feet short of optimal swing height for a simulator. The only alternative was to excavate the basement! Removing the corner foundation walls of a two story home without causing any damage is no small task, and one that no other contractor was willing to tackle! A sump pump was required to handle any infiltration of groundwater. For visual accent, our muralist created a custom mural digitally customizing a photograph of the fairway approaching the home and using a special process for printing on the carpeted side wall. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls were used to open up the space visually, highlighting the mural. 


Mission Accomplished!

We overcame the structural and visual challenges by using floor-to-ceiling glass walls, removing columns, using a highly reflective floor finish, and adding an interesting mural. The client’s expectations were exceeded in every aspect of their project, as evidenced in their video testimonial and the fact that all trades were invited to their catered Open House!

Our company, in conjunction with the Environments By Design team, transformed an unused basement into a visually stunning space complete with bar, theater, sports simulator, pool table, exercise, and poker spaces.



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