The Next Big Thing…OLED!

Clients are always asking us, “What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen lately?” Well, there is actually movement in a technology that we’ve been watching for a few years now, OLED. The technology has been advancing steadily, and has shown promise and astounded techies and consumers alike with extremely accurate detail and color saturation. According to multiple reports, LG will have their new 65” OLED at a somewhat attainable price point. A 77” version will also be made available for those who seek the best of the best!

The Science Behind True Color  

In OLED technology, each pixel is made up of four sub-pixels, which equals roughly 33 million sub-pixels working to produce the most life-like color and level of detail. Since no backlight is required, OLED can also reach black levels that are immeasurable, providing an infinite contrast ratio (fined as the ratio of the luminance of the brightest color (white) to the darkest color (black), one of the key elements of display performance.

 Sleak and Sylish

Also unique to OLED is the new design approach that drastically reduces the thickness 4.5 millimeters at their thinnest point, which is the depth of just a few credit cards. These models also feature a subtle curved screen and due to the televisions’ frameless, bezel-less “Cinema Screen”design, the picture on the screen virtually stretches from edge-to-edge. 

Best Depiction of 4K Content  

LG’s TVs can display native 4K content in its full glory as it incorporates new technology standards – such as the latest HDMI interface and H.265 decoding – capable of handling Ultra HD programming, whether it’s streamed over the Internet or playing from a USB or HDMI source. They can accept new sources of 4K content as they become available.

Intuitive Design

LG Smart TV+ webOS offers an intuitive interface that offers lightning-quick transitions between broadcast TV, streaming services and external device. The platform also features recommendation capabilities to help consumers sift through its expansive content options, which include streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus and more.

Both the 77- and 65-inch class 4K OLED TVs are wall-mountable to offer installation flexibility, satisfying consumers who are seeking a stylish and cinematic wall-mounted television, or an elegant, leaf-shaped stand for table-top use. The 65EC9700 will be available nationwide in October at $9,999, while the 77EG9700 will be available in November at select retailers at $24,999.

For those of you who are interested in this new technology and possibly the best picture we’ve ever seen, contact us to talk about it and setup a demo.


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