Tipping TVs & Furniture


As a parent, you want to do everything you can to keep your children safe. There are all types of ways to “baby proof” or “toddler proof” your home against your adventurous offspring, but some dangers are so common that they get overlooked—the proverbial elephant in the room. The danger lies in unsecured TVs and tall furniture, sometimes in combination, falling when children climb on them. According to ABC News, unsecured TVs and furniture kill a child every two weeks—and send a child to the hospital every 24 minutes! Even though flatscreen TVs are far lighter than their clunkier CRT predecessors, an unsecured flatscreen TV can still fall with up to 2000 lbs of pressure! That’s like getting hit by 6 linebackers . . .  all at once.

The good news is that this home hazard is 100% preventable! When TVs and furniture are anchored to the wall, they can’t tip. Though it is preferable to keep your children from climbing the furniture in the first place, every parent knows how quickly an adventurous toddler can get into trouble! Putting your TV on a lower piece of furniture can help but that also leaves your equipment more accessible to kids, which is not always advisable. The best way to prevent harm to children (and your electronics) is to install an anti-tip strap or mount your TV to the wall. Anti-tip straps can be bought at any hardware store, but in order to be positive that it has been installed correctly it is always best to hire a professional. At the AVI Group, we know the importance of home safety, inside and out. We offer reliable anti-tip strap installation, as well as wall-mounting services to all of our valued customers.


Wall mounts and anti-tip straps can be a lifesaver!

Here are some more ways to minimize the risk of tipping TVs and furniture:

  • Purchase stable furniture with a solid base and sturdy legs.
  • Make sure that furniture keeps a low center of gravity by placing heavy items back away from the front edge.
  • Supervise young children at all times.
  • Place TVs low to the ground.
  • Do not place items on top of the TV or tall furniture that might entice a young child to climb for it.
  • Keep heavier items on lower shelves and in lower drawers to increase stability.
  • Be sure to keep all of your cords out of reach of children.
  • Read and take any precautions listed in the manufacturer’s instructions regarding placement and use of your TV and furniture.
  • Always hire a professional to install anti-tip measures! Improperly mounted TVs can still fall and cause bodily harm.

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