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Commercial Security Solutions

Safety Technologies specializes in Designing, Managing, and Installing integrated security solutions.  As a Dealer for Honeywell’s elite Commercial Security Systems (CSS) group, Saftey Technologies provides the Honeywell Integrated Security Platform utilizing Vista Security & Fire, WinPak SE Access Control, and Fusion CCTV DVR for companies who want to have an economical integrated security solution with the features of an Enterprise System.  We can provide turn key solutions in areas of CCTV Surveillance, Access Control , Fire Alarm, Security, and personal emergency systems. In addition, we can provide required Inspections and Document Stamps.

Many security firms can install stand-alone security systems but few can integrate these separate systems so that they work as one.  That’s the advantage of Audio Video Interiors & Safety Technologies.  Call us today to learn how to keep your employees safe and your business secure.  We provide scalable solutions for Corporate Environments, Government, Galleries, Institutions and Industry.

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