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Guide to Setting Up Your Whole House Audio Today

Guide to Setting Up Your Whole House Audio Today

You know what your house could use? Construct your home with a Whole House Audio System. That gives the movie watching an even better experience. Aside from movies, it also makes listening to music full concert experience.

Why go out when you have a whole house audio system installed? Okay, don’t take that advice. What you should really do is listen to this advice that we have to say about the options to install a whole house audio system.

Don’t just have music flowing through one room in the house. With the whole house audio system, your entire house will be enjoying the party!

Just choose which room you’d like to have your audio system and easily install. If you’re having a lazy day just sit back and relax on either the living room couch or even in the bedroom.

Hook it up outside if you’re busy working in that garden. Just make sure that music is not too loud. You’d either have an angry mob or the whole neighborhood dancing with you in one of those musical numbers.

Can you believe how much technology has advanced? The power of technology has evolved so much just through our everchanging ways of entertainment.

 The Right Room is the Best

That is correct. As mentioned you’re free to set up your whole house audio in any room of the house. That’s where adulting comes into play. Making decisions.

Let’s go through the list. First, sit down and have a family talk. All decisions are made together. How big is your house and what does your budget look like?

It’s recommended that you should establish only one room with a whole house audio system. There’s a lot of setting up you’re going to have to. Why not create less work instead of more work?

Which room do you like to spend the most time in? If you’re throwing a party, the guests are only going to remain in the living room. That’s where they should be listening to the music instead of in one of the bathrooms. Hm… now there is an idea.

Then again, wouldn’t it be nice if you had two audio systems? One for you and your spouse and then the other for your children. While the kids are hypnotized to the TV watching Disney in another part of the house you are free to rock out to all your loud tunes.

The best room of all is the living room. That’s where you hang out the most and where your guests will be staying during a visit. Hook up your whole house media and throw a dance party in your very own living room.

What Audio are You Using?

Not sure what we mean here? Your sound will only work better with the right audio systems in use.

 Are you using sound sources like:

  • Cable TV
  • Netflix (Or Steaming Services)
  • DVD Player
  • Streaming Music Services

Certain streaming services require their customers to pay for their entertainment while others have to be manually turned on.

Single Source and Multiple-Source System

What is the difference you may ask?

Single Source: Each room has its very own volume control. However, it’s only limited use of volume control. The same music is played through each speaker making it difficult to listen to two stations.

Multiple Source: Plays different music in each room at all times. Using multiple sources keeps your kids fighting over what music or movies they want to listen to.

*Take note that the right receiver is needed in order to work the multiple sources system properly. You need more than enough power to keep your multiple sources of power working without causing a blackout or your favorite song to just stop when it’s getting good.

Are you Hooked up?

Would you rather by wired or wireless?

Let me give you a tip. When you’re wired up to a system you’re rewarded with the best sound quality of all giving the ultimate movie theater or concert performance.

Sadly, a wired whole house audio system doesn’t last for long. A wired whole house audio design system needs to be properly installed without any manifesting issues. If there is ever an issue you have to go on a search with a bloodhound just to fix the issue. Cut wires end up slowing down your connection putting your music party on halt.

If you go wireless, you’ll have an easier time with your whole house audio system. Wireless is an easy installation and you’ll have everything ready in no time.

If I were you, I would go wireless to get those tunes cracking sooner.

Which does Speaker speak to You?

The speaker is like a voice. They’re the singer at your at home concert. Without a speaker, you can’t enjoy the ultimate movie experience.

Types of Speakers:

  • In-wall or in-ceiling speakers: Mainly for background music. As you may have guessed the wires are hidden within the wall and in the ceiling
  • Bookshelf Speakers: Recommended as the best sound quality. Much easier to move around.
  • Floor-standing Speakers: Create the best sound quality
  • Outdoor Speakers: Place a speaker in your garden or on your front patio. Don’t make the music too loud. You don’t want to disturb the wildlife or your neighbors.

The Controller

How can you control your whole house audio system without your controller?

Either a remote, a touch screen, or a voice command are your best bets for a controller to work your sound system.

Another tough decision to make. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you which is the most resourceful controller to use. Here me out, first. Don’t buy three separate controllers!

With all three options combined into one, the Control4 also includes your own music library and streaming audio. A blu-ray player, satellite, and streaming video service are added to the deal.

Having a remote to talk to makes life a whole lot easier! Think about it? Why waste most of your night searching for a movie? With the voice-controlled remote just say your command and your movie pops up on the screen in an instant. Set up Amazon Alexa, too. All your questions will be answered instead of researching on your phone.

Set Up Your Whole House Audio Today

Now that you have all the information go out and set up your very own whole house audio system. Decide which room is the best to have your whole house audio plugged into.

Next time you invite the gang over give them a taste of what you’ve been experiencing. Go wireless, speak into your remote, and have an incredible evening.


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