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Patient Monitoring

For critical healthcare facility applications including Wandering Patient Location, BabyMatchâ„¢ infant identification and abduction notification, Wireless Nurse Calls and Staff Attack solutions, Safety Technologies specifies Elpas from Tyco Security Products (formerly Visonic Technologies). Where personal security is a primary concern, personal alert signaling systems are a key part of the solution.


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Elpas infant protection
Elpas wander protection

Infant Protection

Elpas BabyMatch is an Ethernet enabled RTLS (Real-Time Location System) Infant Protection Solution that helps hospitals prevent baby abductions and unintentional baby mismatching in maternity environments without compromising a mother’s privacy with her new born baby.

BabyMatch provides continuous supervision of each baby by automatically tracking the real-time location of the infant from the time of delivery to the time of discharge.

In addition to monitoring the physical whereabouts and safety of the infants, BabyMatch can log the authorized transfer of the infants throughout the hospital, preventing any illicit attempts to move infants to and from wards and treatment centers.

Wanderer Tracking

Elpas Wander Protection is a location based security solution that provides senior living facilities with effective protection against resident wandering. Knowing that the residents are safe provides peace of mind to families, staff and management and allows staff to concentrate on additional aspects of the senior care.

Elpas Wander Protection allows freedom of movement and preserves the quality of life for wandering residents while keeping them safe within protected areas. Staff, visitors and other residents can move freely in and out of the protected areas, allowing for an open atmosphere while maintaining the attractiveness of the facility. If the resident should happen to wander near a forbidden area, a message is sent to an attendant and doors may be locked until a staff member arrives. Caregivers, however, may walk wandering residents through exits without raising an alarm using a sophisticated escort feature.

Staff Emergency Call

Elpas Active Wireless Nurse Call Solutions are designed to meet the changing demands of acute care hospitals, long-term nursing care facilities and senior living communities. Elpas Wireless Nattention, a press on her tag will send a message to the medical staff on call and turn on sounders and lights if needed. Nurse Call Solutions give your patients peace of mind by knowing that they are just a button push away from help from anywhere within the facility. Staff badges also come with a push button that may be used to activate a Code Blue alert. Should a care giver encounter a resident that requires emergency medical attention, a press on her tag will send a message to the medical staff on call and turn on sounders and lights if needed.

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