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Technology is everywhere. From communications to presentations, entertainment to worship, Audio/Video and Security/Life-Safety technologies keep us informed, engaged and protected.  We offer expertise in the following areas:

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Corporate – Boardrooms, Training Rooms, Auditoriums, Conference & Meeting Facilities From a single room installation to an entire building or across multiple locations globally, Audio Video Interiors creates client-centered solutions that are streamlined, scalable and simple to use.  Properly designed and installed technology solutions enhance your corporate branding as well as your bottom-line.

Healthcare – Hospitals, Doctors’ Offices and Medical Institutions, Assisted Living Facilities The healthcare industry has benefited dramatically from the technologies available today.   Lighting & Shade Control, Sound Masking, Patient Wandering Systems, Video Conferencing and Digital Signage keep patients comfortable, educated and safe, keep staff informed and keep doctors connected.  Digital displays offer hospitals the flexibility of using photo images, movie files and relevant news feeds to interact with patients and visitors while video conferencing and other collaborative technologies provide for distance learning and remote consultations.

Hospitality, Retail & Fitness – Hotel Lobbies, Boutiques, Galleries, Restaurants & Sports Bars, Health Clubs, Entertainment Venues, Conference Centers These venues come alive with dynamic applications of sight and sound.  Sophisticated Lighting, Immersive Digital Signage and Multi-screen Mosaics and Matrixes projecting eye-catching imagery capture your audience, creating excitement and enjoyment while conveying your message.  Gym-goers will stay motivated and engaged with seamless Video Switching and a dynamic Audio System.  Specialty Restaurants and intimate lobbies will benefit from expertly designed lighting scenes, ambient music and artfully designed acoustic treatments while exterior spaces create an inviting environment with unobtrusive outdoor speakers and weatherproof displays.

Houses of Worship – Sanctuaries, Synagogues, Multipurpose Youth Rooms, Choir Rooms Audio & Video presentation that clearly delivers the message and enhances the Worship experience, without distraction. From an intimate chapel to an auditorium-style service, we will consult with your professional and volunteer staff to design and engineer a system for your unique worship environment.  Professionally designed multimedia presentations can enrich the Worship experience and provide seamless transitions throughout your various types of services.

Education – Learning Labs, Electronic Classrooms, Distance Learning, Athletic Facilities, Auditoriums Technology’s role in education does not end when the bell rings.  Evolving technologies are expanding the reach and techniques of educators. Distance learning extends beyond the multi-campus classroom to now help the homebound student stay current with his course material. Mobile CCTV can keep children stay safe on their school bus and 3D Displays are allowing for students to actively soar through the universe of dissect a frog with life-like imagery.

Manufacturing – Industrial Facilities, Yards and Parking Lots We work with plant managers, facilities and security directors to devise comprehensive security plans to protect the facility’s interior and perimeter and, more importantly, its employees from threats of fire, environmental emergencies, personal attacks and terrorist activities.

Government – Correctional Institutions, Homeland Security With new security requirements in place, Government, Transportaion and Utility entities must provide approved security solutions to our nation’s critical infrastructure.  At Audio Video Interiors and Safety Technologies, every team member has undergone extensive security & criminal background checks and random drug-testing, enabling us to work in sensitive government and corporate facilities, as well as high-profile homes.  We participate in Ohio’s State Term Schedule (STS).

  • Professional Audio Video Solutions:    
  • Acoustic Panels & Sound Engineering
  • Boardroom Presentation Systems
  • Assisted Listening Systems
  • Distributed Audio Systems
  • Pro Audio Gear: Microphones, Mixers, DVRs, Amps, Recorders
  • Digital Signage
  • Energy Management Solutions/Green Technologies
  • Projection Systems & Motorized Screens
  • Sound Masking
  • Video Conferencing & Immersive Telepresence
  • Video Walls/Split Screen Multimedia
  • Command & Control Centers
  • Telephone/Intercom Systems
  • Lighting & Motorized Shade Control
  • HVAC Control
  • Central Vacuums

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