Technology in Today’s Classroom

Technology’s role in education doesn’t end when the bell rings. Classroom and campus technologies can include Interactive White Boards (SmartBoards), Distance Learning, Video Conferencing and Projection and Presentation Systems. These technologies are now being taken to a whole new level. Interactive boards are now playing a unique role in Video Conferencing, Distance Learning can now extend beyond the multi-campus classroom and help the housebound student stay current with his course material, and 3D Displays allow students to actively soar through the universe or dissect a frog with life-like imagery. Technology can even keep students safer on their school bus. Click here to learn more about Mobile CCTV.

There are many applications and benefits to AV solutions in the education, including:

  • Sound-field amplification systems to enhance the learning environment
  • Distance Learning to extend course offerings, enhance and share expertise, realize educational equality through remote campus access, and to allow for student collaboration projects.
  • Projectors including short-throw and 3D.
  • Presentation Systems offering engaging multimedia, streaming media, internet and digital education content.

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Visit the U.S. Distance Learning Association at to sign-up for valuable resources and collaborative opportunities including “Virtual Field Trips” to the Smithsonian!

Learn more about Video Conferencing & Distance Learning applications as well as grant funding available by visiting Polycom.

Check out this frog dissection alternative!




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