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Personal Duress

There are many choices when it comes to emergency alerts, but until recently, they all had one thing in common: to be protected, seniors had to stay home – or even be confined to certain areas of the home – for their emergency alerts to work. Not anymore.

The LifeBeacon is a twenty-first century medical alert that offers the best of both worlds – freedom for seniors to connect with their life interests outside of the home, and peace of mind knowing help is always within reach in an emergency. With the LifeBeacon, for the first time ever, help is truly available anywhere, anytime, at the push of just a single button.

  • 24/7 monitoring service with rapid response and real-time notification of up to five loved ones in an emergency
  • Locates lost or wandering seniors
  • Works everywhere, including miles from home with unmatched GPS tracking
  • 3 times faster response than traditional systems
  • No phone line needed and no installation
  • Independent, active lifestyle
  • Hear what many individuals have to say

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