Control 4

Making the Connected Home Accessible 

Control 4 offers a complete line of home automation products that makes sophisticated home automation solutions practical and affordable for every home.

Composer Edition
With Control 4’s Composer Home Edition (HE) you can manage and personalize your Control4 system. This means you can create your own lighting scenes, manage your media, create email notifications, and access your home from any internet connection in the world. With Composer Home Edition, you now have the ability to take control of all of the technology in your home and make your life everyday easy. We bring the benefits of a truly automated home to more people. We do this with solutions that are affordable, easy to install and easy to use.

Lighting Solutions 
Start with one of our intelligent, feature-packed Dimmers and Switches, then add additional lighting control to the home automation system with Wireless Outlet Switches and Outlet Dimmers. With these elegant, easy-to-install lighting solutions, more people can enjoy the benefits of home automation.

Audio/Video For many people, home automation begins with audio and video systems. Control4 offers an impressive range of audio and video products that make it easy to automate the control of complex audio, video, and home theater components and add exciting new capabilities to existing systems.

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Media Controller
Wireless Dimmer

Climate Control 
Control4 climate control products make automated temperature control a simple and affordable part of any Control4 home automation system. Featuring bi-directional communication and seamless integration with the Control4 network, wireless thermostats add an impressive array of climate control functions that can interact with every other intelligent device in the home. 

Touch Screens
For homeowners who demand state-of-the-art, ergonomic functionality, Control4® touch screens deliver. Dramatically less expensive than traditional home automation touch panels, Control4® touch screens feature intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interfaces and are available in full-size or mini form factors.

With 8 buttons of control, an intuitive select dial and a customizable.  This sleek, high-performance keypad makes total home control more affordable than ever before. Faceplates available in white, black and almond.

Finally, total home entertainment and control is affordable for every home. Our powerful controllers automate any intelligent device in the home with ease. Choose from the amazingly affordable and versatile Home Controller HC-300 with High Definition capabilities, the Home Controller HC-500 with a built in 160GB Hard Drive, or the powerful Home Controller HC-1000.

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