Thinking about Soundproofing your Home Theater / Audio Room?


Here’s some things you should know.

Sound Isolation: The entire spectrum of sound is impeded from transmitting from one area to another, or from a source to a receiver; much in the same way my neighbor’s crappy music transmits through my floor.

Sound Absorption: Mid to High Frequency tones are converted to heat, or pass through the absorber (e.g.) it’ll keep your drywall from rattling against the wall studs, but it shouldn’t necessarily be your primary means of achieving sound insulation.

Sound Absorption vs. Sound Proofing

Sound Absorption:

  • Isolates low frequency sounds to keep vibrations to a minimum.
  • Prevents low tones from escaping into other areas.
  • Goes between drywall and studs, during construction.

Sound Proofing:

  • Lighter, airier materials than those used for absorption.
  • Stops hi & mid frequency from bouncing around.
  • High in the room positioning, can be installed post-construction.

How will Audimute Soundproofing help?

From website:   Audimute’s absorption sheets reduce and absorb reverberation (reflected sound) within a space. Our sheets absorb high, mid and low range frequency sounds.

Audimute Absorption Sheets:

  • Clean Up Your Sound – Provide for clearer sounding music – eliminate the ‘Shouting Contest’ as you can hear every member of the band more evenly, without the competing deflecting sound waves. This separation of instruments allows musicians to find their mistakes in timing and pitch, correcting your band harmonies.
  • Save Your Hearing – Reduce exposure to harmful/dangerous volume levels
  • Make Neighbors/Housemates Happier
  • Save the Planet – Audimute is made from recycled materials. It’s a safe & natural product.

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